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U.S. Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5)

US Immigrant investor program

The U.S. Investor Program (EB-5 program) is the fastest way for wealthy individuals to obtain a Green Card for themselves, their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21. The main requirement for this program is an investment of $500,000 US in an eligible business in the United States that will create 10 jobs.

With an investment of $500,000 US
a candidate can obtain a Green Card
for his family in a delay of 16 to 20 months
The current $500,000 US program will
end on September 30th 2016. After this
date, the new EB-5 program will require
a minimum investment of $800,000 US.

Advantages of the U.S. Investor Program

  • No need for any business or management experience.
  • Processing time of 16 to 20 months to obtain a U.S. Green Card for your family.
  • The investment is returned over a 4.5 year period :
    • The first 66% is returned to you after 2 ½ years.
    • The remaining 33% is returned to you 24 months later.
  • The investment money is kept in a secure escrow bank account until the government approves the investment project and the file of the candidate.
  • If the candidate is refused by the government, the investment is returned by the escrow bank.
  • Candidate only needs to prove he obtained the $500,000 US legally. This money can come from personal savings, a loan, a donation, an inheritance, etc.
  • Candidate is eligible for American citizenship after 5 years.
  • Possible to continue to conduct business elsewhere in the world as long as a residence is kept in the United States.

You can consult the U.S. government website on EB-5 program.


The goal of the Immigrant Investor Program is to stimulate the U.S. economy. With your investment, you will become a limited partner in a business in the United States. There is no need to actively participate in the management of the business. The investment must create or preserve at least 10 full-time jobs within 2 years. You will get back 66% of your investment after a period of 2 ½ years. The remaining 33% will be returned to you 24 months later. You will have recuperated your entire investment after a period of 4.5 years.

Please consult the List of Investment Projects to see all the current projects and the past projects that we have realized for our clients

Your investment will be placed in businesses that have tangible assets like hotels, retirement communities, apartment buildings, convention centers, hospitals and casinos. This way, you do not have to worry about your investment.

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Michel Beaubien & Associates is headed by Mr. Michel Beaubien. Since 1990, our firm has successfully processed the files of more than 5000 families who now have resident status in either Canada or the United States. You can read more about our company.

Our firm offers a complete and personalized service and we manage the entire immigration process for our clients: building the immigration file, dealing with the government authorities, figuring out the best investment for our clients and the delivery of the green card. We process the files for the U.S. Investor program in collaboration with our associate who is an american lawyer based in the Washington D.C. area.

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