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Investor Quebec

Immigrate to Canada

The Government of Quebec has suspended the Quebec Investor Program from November 1st 2019 until July 1st 2020 in order to review the program. Consequently, it is currently impossible to submit a file in the Quebec Investor Program.

The information contained in this page concerns the previous program which closed on November 1st 2019. It is currently impossible to predict what will be the rules of the new program in July 2020.

Before the program closed, it required 4 to 5 years to obtain the Permanent Residency of Canada through this program.

If you are interested by immigration to Europe, we also process files in the Portugal Golden Visa program. This program is simpler, faster and less expensive compared to the Quebec program. You can find more information on our Golden Visa program page.

The Quebec Investor Program is currently closed until July 1st 2020 in order for the Government to review the program. It is currently impossible to submit a file in this Program.

Previous Selection criteria

In order to qualify for the immigrant investor program it is mandatory to meet all three of the following criterias :

  • Have a minimum of 2 years of business or management experience acquired over the last 5 years.

  • Have a net worth of at least 2 million canadian dollars. This is equivalent to approximately 1.5 million USD, 1.3 million EURO or 850 millions CFA. All your assets are taken into consideration: bank accounts, stock-exchange portfolios, real estates, company's value, etc.

  • Deposit 1,200,000.00 CAD without interests for 5 years with the Government of Quebec. The investment is guaranteed by the government. This is equivalent to approximately 950,000.00 USD, 900,000.00 EURO or 515 million CFA. If you do not want to freeze 1,200,000 CAD of your assets for five years, you can obtain a loan from a Canadian financial institution. This loan will cost you a total amount of approximately 350,000 CAD in interest and administration fees.

You must be able to document the origin and accumulation of your funds and also document your 2 years of business or management experience.

If you don't meet all three of these criterias, it is impossible to qualify for the investor program. We suggest that you complete our online evaluation form.

About us

Mr. Michel Beaubien is a Certified Canadian immigration consultant with more than 30 years of experience. He was Chief of Staff to the Quebec Minister of Immigration from 1981 to 1985, is registered with the Quebec Register of Immigration Consultant under the inscription number 11093 (see register) and is a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council with the identification number R407703 (see register). Only the immigration consultants recognized by these two organisations are authorized by the Government of Canada to serve as intermediary in any immigration files. It is a guarantee of honesty and competence.

Contact us

If you fulfill the three selection criterias of the investor program and wish to receive more information, you can contact Mr. Michel Beaubien in Montreal by completing the form below. We will answer you within a delay of 2 working days.

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