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Portugal Golden Visa Program

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The Portugal Golden Visa Program is the simplest and fastest way for a wealthy individual to obtain a residency visa in Europe and to gain access to the European citizenship for himself, his spouse, his dependant children (if above 18 they must be studying) and even the parents of the candidate who are above 65.

The main requirement for this program is an investment of 350,000 € (350 thousand euros) in an eligible project in Portugal.

This immigration program was initially created in 2012 (Order Number 1661-A/2013 "GOLDEN RESIDENCE PERMIT") and the program started on October 8th 2012. In 2015, the law was renewed and revised (Act 63/2015). This revision to the original law now allows investment of only 350,000 € in real-estate properties that are at least 30 years old.

Europe Immigration
With an investment of 350,000 € (350 thousand euros) a candidate can obtain a residency visa
for Portugal in approximately 6 to 8 months

Advantages of the Golden Visa Program

  • Candidate is eligible for European citizenship after 5 years.
  • Processing time of approximately 6 to 8 months to obtain a residency visa for your family.
  • Required investment is only 350,000 € (350 thousand euros);.
  • Your investment will generate a 3% yearly income that is paid directly to your personal account (the yearly return can be higher depending on the project).
  • 100% of your investment is returned after a 5 year period. There is a legal guarantee for the return of your investment.
  • Possible to continue to reside and conduct business elsewhere in the world. You need to be present in Portugal only 7 days per year.
  • No need for any business or management experience.
  • No age, language or education requirement to submit a file.
  • Documentation is very simple because the investment must be made before we can submit your file.
  • The funds can come from personal savings, a loan, a donation, an inheritance, etc.
  • Portugal offers a very advantageous taxation system : no tax on your income outside of Portugal.

You can consult the Portugal Immigration and Borders service website.


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City of Porto

The goal of the Golden Visa Program is to stimulate the Portugal economy and more precisely the real-estate market. With your investment, you will become a co-owner in a commercial real-estate property in Portugal.

Since 2014, we have created 7 projects in which our clients can invest in order to obtain the Portugal Golden Visa and we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for our clients.

Our current project is called Belas Artes Hotel. This project consists in the renovation of a patrimonial building into a 4-star hotel with 53 rooms and all necessary amenities. It is located in the Historical Center of Porto. The building of the Belas Artes Hotel was the residence of a noble family from the north of the country and still has the family coat of arms on the facade. The building will be totally renovated while keeping and enhancing the historical nature of the building and the coat of arms on its facade. This project is accepting 44 investors.

Please consult the List of Golden Visa Projects to see all the current and past projects we have realized for our clients.

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