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Antigua Citizenship

Citizenship by Investment Program

Antigua Passport

The Antigua Citizenship by Investment program allows an individual to obtain the Passport of Antigua & Barbuda for himself and his immediate family as quickly as 3 to 6 months.

This citizenship program requires either a donation of $200,000 US to the Government of Antigua or a real estate investment of $400,000 US.

The Citizenship by Investment program allows an individual to obtain the Passport of Antigua as quickly as 3 to 6 months.

Advantages of the Antigua Citizenship Program

  • Direct access to passport of Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Fast Processing: Only 3 to 6 months from file submission to passport.
  • No requirement of business experience, education, age limit or language abilities.
  • Passport can be sent by courier directly to the applicant.
  • Freedom of Movement : Visa-free access to more than 130 countries including Europe (Schengen zone), United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and many more.
  • Tax Advantages : Only taxed on income earned in Antigua. No tax on worldwide income, no inheritance tax and no capital gains tax.
  • Asset Relocation : The banking system in Antigua & Barbuda is very secure. Many of the large Canadian banks offer a safe place to deposit funds in a tax-friendly jurisdiction.
  • No need to reside in Antigua : Only need to spent 5 days in Antigua in a period of 5 years. The passport can be renewed without any other investments.
  • Immediate family can be included: Spouse, children below 25 years and parents 65 years and above can be included.

About us

Immigrer au Canada
Michel Beaubien

Michel Beaubien & Associates is headed by Mr. Michel Beaubien. Since 1990, our firm has successfully processed the files of more than 6000 families who now have resident status in either Canada, the United States or Antigua. You can read more about our company.

Our firm offers a complete and personalized service and we manage the entire immigration process for our clients: building the citizenship file, dealing with the government authorities, figuring out the best investment for our clients and making sure the passport gets delivered to the client.

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