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Between ____________________, hereinafter designated as "the applicant" living in _________________ and Mr. MICHEL BEAUBIEN from Michel Beaubien & Associates, located at 390 Notre-Dame West, Suite 468, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, hereinafter designated as "the consultant". The applicant hereby appoints the consultant to handle his application regarding his immigration to Canada. The consultant agrees to make every effort to prepare and assist the applicant in submitting his application to the Governments of Quebec and Canada.

The applicant agrees to pay to the consultant the following fees:

- A first payment of _____________________ upon signing this Service Agreement.

- A second and final payment of ___________________ upon completing a successful interview with an Immigration Officer or if he is accepted without an interview.

Please note that the fees mentioned above do not include the fees required by the Government, the fees for medical examination, the fees for language tests, the fees for translation of certain documents and the plane tickets (see details on our website).

All payments may be done by one of the following method: bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal, credit card, bank draft or personal check.

If the applicant does not obtain a permanent resident visa at the end of the immigration process the consultant agrees to refund the professional fees paid by the applicant. However, the consultant will not refund the applicant if he is refused for one of the following reasons or if he invokes one of the following reasons:

  • medical inadmissibility (serious illness like cancer, AIDS, etc.);
  • criminal background or national security;
  • false declaration;
  • hiding information or submission of false documents;
  • disregarding consultant's instructions;
  • cancellation by the candidate of the immigration application after the signature of the contract;
  • removal of the mandate given to the consultant;
  • change of marital status during the immigration process, without prior notice to the consultant, resulting in a refusal;
  • later modifications of the government regulation that is out of our control;
  • did not submit a complete file in a maximum delay of one year after the signature of the contract.

If the Ministry of Immigration of Quebec (MIQ) or Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or Human Resources and Skills Canada (HRSDC) communicate directly with the candidate, he must immediately advise the consultant.

If the applicant's civil status changes during the procedure, additional fees ___________________ will be required to add his spouse to the file, and fees of ________________________ to add a newborn.

Please note that Michel Beaubien is member number R407703 of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC: http://www.iccrc-crcic.ca/home.cfm) and is expected to respect the administrative rules and ethics rules and all other rules related to the council.

In case of a disagreement the applicant and the consultant must try, as much as possible, to resolve the problem between them.If the conflict cannot be resolved, the applicant must present a written complaint to the consultant and give him 30 days to respond. If the conflict is still not resolved the applicant can pursue the complaint process described on the website of the ICCRC.

All the information and documents examined by the consultant and required by the MIQ or CIC to prepare the immigration file are confidential and will not be divulged to any third party, except to consultants and employees, without asking of any consent, except of required by the law.

Both parties agree that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Canada and of the Province of Quebec. The parties hereto agree that they have specifically requested that this agreement be drafted in the English language. The applicant has read and understands the service agreement and has obtained independent legal advice if he judges it necessary.

The parties hereto have signed on the date and place hereinafter set forth.

Signed in Montreal, on this _____ day of _____________.


Michel Beaubien
Certified Immigration Consultant
Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (R407703)
Registered with the Quebec Registry of Immigration Consultants (11093)

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